Iodine Testing Fargo

InHealth Compounding Pharmacy of Fargo knows that the identification and treatment of an iodine deficiency has obvious benefits. In order to determine the daily amount of essential iodine required for whole body sufficiency, an Iodine Loading Test must be performed. This test is based on the premise that the more iodine-deficient the body is, the more ingested iodine is retained, and the less is excreted in the urine.

Good Health Requires Adequate Iodine Levels

Every cell in the body contains and utilizes iodine. Essential for life, iodine has many effects on the body:

  • Hormone production
  • Nerve & muscle function
  • Metabolism
  • Tissue growth & repair
  • Cell respiration

It has been estimated that approximately one third of the world's population is iodine deficient, and studies in the United States have suggested that the number may be even higher, with some estimates as high as 95%. Iodine deficiencies can occur not only because of inadequate intake, but also due to the damaging toxins we are exposed to every day. Given the various functions of iodine in the body, it is easy to see how even a slight deficiency can cause widespread problems. An especially interesting area of study in iodine deficiency is the field of hormone balancing.

InHealth Compounding Pharmacy's Iodine Testing: Easy, Accurate, & Cost-Effective

Now, InHealth Compounding Pharmacy has made iodine testing more convenient and cost-effective. Our iodine testing service is:

  • Privately collected in your own home
  • Painless
  • Accurate for women & men

Here's how it works: You order your iodine test from InHealth Compounding Pharmacy. We mail the test to your home with complete instructions. You provide two small urine samples in the containers provided, fill out the test form, and send both in a small prepaid UPS box to our testing laboratory. In approximately 10 to 14 business days your test results will arrive at InHealth Compounding Pharmacy. One of our pharmacists will then discuss your results in detail with you and, if you like, your healthcare provider.

Iodine is an essential component of your overall health. Male or female, you should monitor your Iodine levels regularly to help your body perform at its highest level. With InHealth Compounding Pharmacy Iodine Testing, iodine monitoring has never been easier. Contact InHealth Compounding Pharmacy today, and take charge of your health.