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    One-size-fits-all doesn't always work for medicine. That's why our pharmacy is here.

    Menopausal Woman with Hot Flashes Fanning Herself

    AM Hot Flashes & PM Night Sweats

    Woman struggling with menopausal symptoms was miserable...

    A woman in her 50s called our pharmacy complaining of nearly debilitating hot flashes, night sweats, & mood swings.


    Working with her primary care provider, our hormone-specialist pharmacist recommended customized hormone prescriptions in cream and capsule form.


    Over the next few months she saw great improvement to the point that she told us she "feels like herself again."

    Cat with Blue Eyes Looking off in Distance

    The Cat That Was Too Smart To Be Pilled

    Scared cat owner watched her cat continue to lose weight...

    A cat owner called our pharmacy to say that no matter how she tried to hide or mask her cat's thyroid pill, the cat would discover it.


    Hiding it in the food dish didn't work, because the cat would eat everything around it, but not the pill. Hiding it in a treat didn't work, because the cat would eat the treat, then spit out the pill. Her cat continued to lose weight.


    Seeking help, she called our pharmacy. We were able to incorporate the medication into a topical cream that she could rub into the cat's ear. Within a few months, the cat had returned to a healthy weight, was maintaining that weight, and doing well.

    Hand with Wart being Treated with Freezing at Dermatologist's Office

    The Wart That Would Not Die

    Multiple rounds of freezing would not kill off this wart...

    A patient with a persistent wart came into our pharmacy with a customized topical compound prescription.


    She said it was for a wart she had had for quite a long time. Before coming to us she had tried a popular OTC wart remedy and had been to the dermatologist multiple times to have it frozen off, with no luck.


    We followed up with her after she started using the topical, customized medication her doctor had ordered. Within 3 weeks the wart was completely gone.

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    Thinking outside the pharmacy box is our passion.

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    Compounding Pharmacist

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    Hormone Therapy Pharmacist

    Pharmacist, US Air Force Veteran, Hormone Warrior Princess

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    Mom, Book Lover, Lead Technician, Logistics Manager, College Instructor, and Sole Consumer of Decaf

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    "The staff has always been very accommodating and I've heard good feedback from patients."


    Pet Owner

    "All of the staff has been helpful, courteous, and prompt when I call for a refill. When the prescription is ready, they call me to let me know and when I can pick it up. They are right there with the product ready. Great staff and product - Thank you."



    "Absolutely wonderful - everyone was professional, explained the cream & how to use it. Very helpful trying to reach my provider."



    "Staff was wonderful, helpful, & friendly. Even though our medication was very straightforward, they still took the time to explain it to me & answer questions. Building was clean & welcoming."



    "Staff was very friendly. Facility very nice. Service was fast."


    Parent of Patient

    "They were very friendly and helpful! Facility was so clean & neat. Product for my daughter was amazing and painless."

    Mary Ann

    Pet Owner

    "My prescriptions are always ready. The staff is friendly & knowledgeable. They explained everything when I got the medicine & have answered all my questions since."



    "Very friendly, always polite and knowledgeable."



    "The staff is pleasant, courteous, professional, and discrete."



    "The staff was very courteous & explained how to make the best use of (the) medication."



    "Everything was done very professionally & pleasantly."


    Pet Owner

    "This has been a wonderful place to come - very helpful very friendly."

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